Goethite: Hematite’s Artsy Cousin

I love those beauties up there.  I’ve been collecting pieces of this mineral, named for the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, for a few years.  I adore every single specimen I have collected and finally am in the process of incorporating them into my designs.

The pieces featured above and the others in my collection all exhibit botryoidal mineral formation; that is, bumpy.  Combined with the high quality of the specimen and the great care taken by the stonecutters to polish the material, the surface is reminiscent of adamantine bubbles which lend a sense of movement to the stone.  The true color of the stones can be hard to capture with a camera (filters notwithstanding) due to the mineral’s highly reflective nature.  But even a so-so picture of a collector’s piece of goethite is still stunning.

Look in my Etsy shop for pieces featuring these gorgeous specimens in the upcoming months.