Melanite Andradite (Black Garnet)

This ring was a gift commissioned by a friend and her brother-in-law.

I love working with black garnet.  The cabochons cut from this material are so gemmy and luscious that I want to eat them. Actually put them in my mouth and devour them.  I don’t, though.  Promise.

Melanites get their glossy black color from titanium, and in some specimens a red flash or blush can be seen in the tips of the crystals.

The stone for the ring pictured above was personally selected from my hand-cut cabochon collection by the woman for whom it was commissioned as a gift.  She and her husband own Lovecraft Arts & Sciences in Providence, RI, and I can’t think of a better gem to grace the finger of a Lovecraft devotee.  The  stone displayed a flat face with a single, cubic crystal rising up at an angle that gave it the look of a mysterious black pyramid.  I was honored to create this piece for her.