Black Salt: Ultra Rare Sphalerite Druzy

Behold, the only sphalerite druzy I’ve ever been able to get my hands on.  It’s the very first stone I ever purchased from one of my favorite lapidary artists, who specializes in mineral specimen druzy cabochons.

Sphalerites come in a range of colors, and some display enough clarity to be cut and faceted.  These gems are incredibly rare and often come with Smithsonian-level-collector price tags, because sphalerite’s tendency to cleave makes cutting it tricky.

But this stone won my heart on the merit of its velvety blackness and how the mound of crystals pales as it heaps up on itself, like black rock candy or lava salt.  It has an almost alien charm, as if it’s too strange and beautiful to have been created on this earth.  Fortunately for us, it was.