Reticulation: Trial by Fire

The thing I love most about reticulation is the process.  It’s slow, meditative, and geared toward one thing: coaxing character up from the depths of the metal’s layers.  It’s a fairly simple process, but it takes patience and no small amount of love.

Start with a smooth, shiny, flawless sheet of metal.  No bumps, no wrinkles, nothing to hint at any experience, thought or emotion.  Such a featureless expanse is deceptive, however; it might conceal fathomless depth, churning passion, or utterly contrary ideas.

Subject a metal sheet to heat–extended periods of red-glow torching that sublimate a layer of pure silver to the surface.  Then turn up the fire a little and bring the metal’s heart and soul out for all the world to see.

Now the silver is like a thing alive.  Rough, full of contrast–perfectly suited for a rich, dark patina.  Go after it with a bit of superfine steel wool and you have the perfect fusion of bright and dark, perhaps even a few bonus features like a lunar crater or rolling mountain spines.

So beautiful.