About The Work


Twelve is the realm of karmic lessons, reincarnation, and the soul's purpose. In the natal chart, Venus in the 12th house has been often interpreted as a hidden or secret love affair.

A modern reading of this celestial influence, and one embodied by the 12th House Venus aesthetic, is the expression of love or beauty in a way that is unexpected, liberating, and cathartic. 


The Artist

12th House Venus is a one woman show. Based in Dallas, TX, the artist occupies an oftentimes absurd creative space at the intersection of classicism, late-80's/early-90's goth, animism, and nerdery.



Grave Textures: These signature pieces bring the lessons of the 12th house to life. Dark patinas, rough textures, and intentionally marred surfaces juxtaposed with smooth, gleaming metal invite one to consider the beauty kept quiet, secret, and tucked away while the eye of the world is distracted by the glimmer of the surface self.

Iolite: Also called water sapphire or Viking's Compass, after its use on Viking ships as a navigation tool. The unique internal structure of iolite's crystal matrix serves as a polarizing filter, and allowed Viking navigators to orient themselves with the exact position of the sun on a cloudy day. When we lose our way, it helps to have something to cut through the noise and confusion. The lessons of iolite can help us learn how to clear the clouds and quiet the illusions that keep us from seeing our guiding light.

Keys: Planets in the 12th house give us hints as to how we can free ourselves from old patterns and painful repetitive lessons. Bleak though the traditional interpretation of the 12th house as a prison may be, a planet in this house gives us a clear indication of where to find our key and how to use it. 



12th House Venus adornments are constructed with a purposeful amount of heft and substance. Heavier gauge sterling silver stands up to wear and protects stones better than thinner gauges. Solid ring shanks act as a counterbalance for the unique, collector-quality stones they support.

Every 12th House Venus piece is handcrafted in my studio from start to finish. The pieces featured in this shop are created lovingly and with attention to detail, and are not made quickly or in bulk. Each piece is unique and has its own story that begins here and waits to continue with an owner.

Prefabricated elements are kept to a minimum (some chains and clasps), and no pieces are cast for quick reproduction. All textures are brought out of the metal using a variety of techniques, so that each and every wearable work of art is one-of-a-kind and unique.