Caring for 12HV adornments

Though they look and feel formidable, these adornments are not indestructible. Care should be taken with each piece, and certain activities should be avoided while wearing your 12HV jewelry. Remove rings and pendants with stones before swimming, exercise, outdoor recreation, or anything that requires the enthusiastic use of your hands. Common sense is the best guide: if you think a stone might be scratched while digging around in a bag, remove the piece of jewelry first and then go digging. 

Some 12HV pieces are created with a selective patina that mimics the passage of time and the effects of the elements on certain areas, and some are created with a great deal of shine and gloss. Instructions are included in each package as to how to maintain the look of the item. Any questions on keeping your 12HV adornment looking as beautiful as the day it arrived? Please don't hesitate to contact me.



12th House Venus rings are sized using the US system. 

Customers may need to purchase a larger size than usual if they have chosen a ring with a wide band. Usually a half size up for bands over 5mm is enough, but sometimes a full band size is required. Band width is clearly stated in each listing.

Many people find the most convenient way to learn their ring size is to visit a local jeweler and ask to be sized. Most jewelers will be able to measure a customer's finger using both thin and wide band sizers. It's a good idea to request both, just to be sure. 

In each listing, I offer details about a ring's measured size versus the size finger it may most comfortably fit. Please note that my suggested comfort fit is at best an approximation. Individual comfort will vary and ultimately the choice is up to you.

***Knowing your size before purchasing a 12HV ring is very important--most of my rings cannot be sized up or down, due to the nature of the stone settings.***



Purchases usually ship within 2 business days. In some cases shipment may require additional time. If I am delayed in getting a piece out due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, it is my personal policy to let the buyer know promptly and to provide a new shipment date. 

I ship all over the world using USPS First Class Mail, and a tracking number is provided when the package goes out. Overseas customers should be informed as to their country's tariffs and customs practices, as international labels will be filled out with the appropriate customs information.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide a secure address for delivery. 12th House Venus cannot be held responsible for packages once they have been accepted into the USPS system. 

Expedited shipping and/or insurance can be provided if necessary, and should be requested at the time of purchase.


Returns and Refunds

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to me. For this reason I go the extra mile to provide pictures and descriptions that are not just beautiful, but also detailed and informative.

Please read the item descriptions and inspect photographs thoroughly, as they provide everything necessary for making an informed purchase, most notably sizing and price. I cannot offer refunds for purchasing the wrong size or spending outside one's means.

Should there be an issue with your purchase beyond regret or haste, please contact me and we will find a solution together.