Crystal Clouds Necklace
Crystal Clouds Necklace
Crystal Clouds Necklace

Crystal Clouds Necklace

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A sparkling silver fog rises up through this lodolite quartz to finish in a champagne-kissed glow. Glints of gentle, earthy mushroom highlight this subtly multi-tonal gem's unique beauty.



Lodolites are a gem-quality variety of quartz shot through with mineral inclusions. The colors of these inclusions have an incredible range including the full spectrum of colors (blue is rare), and silver and gold. Inclusions can be matte, metallic, or sparkling; they can be botryoidal (bumpy) or dendritic, like moss agate; and they can even exhibit smaller but fully formed six-sided quartz points known as manifestation crystals. The surrounding host quartz magnifies the inner minerals, offering an observer an intimate view of the beauty within. The best part is that each stone is truly unique--no two are ever alike.



Chain: 18 inches, sterling silver, handmade clasp

Stone: lodolite quartz

Stone+setting diameter: ~1.25 inches

Overall length of pendant with bail: ~1.5 inches

Setting: sterling silver, fine silver

Artist's mark: yes (sterling silver accent)